Professional Full Body Piercer

Women getting pierced in nose

Professional Full Body Piercer

1 year of access

Things you’ll learn in this course:

Hygiene Course

Safe Piercing Course

Equipment Course

Technician Course: Circular Barbell, Two grip, Cleaning, Nose studs

Technician Course: Labret, Navel, Tongue

Technician Course: Bellclose Ring

Piercing: Earlobes ring and bling

Piercing: Ear edge Helix ring and bling

Piercing: Tragus

Piercing: Industrial

Piercing: Rock

Piercing: Conch

Piercing: Daith

Piercing: Forward Helix

Piercing: Mouche

Piercing: Lip and Snake bit

Piercing: Labret

Piercing: Tongue

Piercing: Smiley

Piercing: Meduza

Piercing: Navel

Piercing: Female Nipple

Piercing: Male Nipple

Piercing: Eyebrow

Piercing: Nostril ring and bling

Piercing: Septum

Piercing: Earl

Piercing: Inner Labia

Piercing: Outer Labia

Piercing: Horizontal Clitorial Hood

Piercing: Christina

Piercing: Vertical Clitorial Hood

Piercing: Fourchette

Piercing: Pubic

Piercing: Prince Albert

Piercing: Hafada

Piercing: Frenum

Piercing: Guiche

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